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“May the Spirit of Ramadan stay in our heart and illuminate our soul from within!”

Glowing Lights streets decorated with frills!! Kindness on every corner , Blessings everywhere . Variant  Sweets , Dates ,Fritters and  sumptuous meals mouth watering right!!!Whenever i remember those days when i used to visit my friend’s place before Ramadan

The preparations which her Ammi used to do like from preparing Variety of dishes to inviting friends and relatives for Iftar ,When Ramadan starts, gathering of family , friends and Relatives everyday at her place  . Iftar was not less than a celebration .

Ramadan as we all know is a holy and awaited month for all the Muslims and commonly known as month of giving and month of fasting .

It is month which helps us to purify our soul and brings us close to ALLAH .

Now When we celebrate Ramadan ??

The dates changes annually because it is determined by new Moon . The Holy month lasts for 30 days .

What are Iftar and Sahur ??

Iftar is after sunset to break the fast In Iftari generally whole family sits together and eat which makes it more special and fun  . It can be a big gathering also . It starts with dates and Water . Then

Sahri or Sahur is the meal before sunrise .

Keeping your body and mind healthy during Ramadan  helps you to observe fasting – How you can do that , Following are the Do’s and Dont’s to be followed during Fasting .


1. “Besides eating healthy iftar and suhour meals, it is very important to hydrate well during the non-fasting hours,” says Dr Wafaa Ayesh, Director of Clinical Nutrition, and DHA. “Including fruits and vegetables with high water content and staying indoors — especially when the sun is overhead — can also help in prevention of dehydration while fasting.” So, choose right type of food.

2. Eat protein rich food with high content carbohydrates such as Dairy products but fat content should be low and legumes also They will make you feel full for longer time.

3. Stay Fit – Try to do low to moderate intensity exercise to maintain your overall health.

4.Stay hydrated during non fasting hours. Drink good amount of water to prevent dehydration


1.When it’s time to break the fast, avoid eating greasy foods in the form of cakes and deep-fried savoury snacks and Caffeine .

2. Avoid overeating. At Iftar, eat like you eat during the normal days for one meal.

3. Don’t miss out on sleep – Take a adequate sleep to sustain throughout the day .

Wish you a safe and a very Happy RAMADAN !!!!!