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Healthy ways to cope with Stress

Have you ever felt too much of emotional and mental pressure? Ever felt that things are not working out or life is just not in the right direction? Surely this is what stress is!!

Well most of us these days are coping up with everyday life which is unlike as it used to be, especially when i remember my childhood days! Things have become so fast and ever changing that dealing with life on a day to day basis is becoming extremely stressful. Whether is meeting our deadlines, expectations from us or for some which can be a passion, lets say of mere cooking leads to stress.

Stress is good at times when it helps us develop the skills to cope up with similar situations thus makes us strong enough to deal with bad situations or Problems in life but it is not good if it stops us from taking care of ourselves. It can be Positive or Negative and results in the symptoms that can be both emotional or Physical .

These includes Shock, Numbness, Crying, anger, Feeling Guilty, Loneliness, Sleeping too much or little, Less eating, Headaches, back pain, Smoking, taking Drugs . Now a day’s many Students suffer from stress, we come across many suicidal cases which are all the more increasing as a result of stressful life, It could be stress of Studies, Relationship, Parents Expectations etc.


There are certain ways to cope up with STRESS !

  1. SHARE : First and Foremost step is share your problems with whom so ever you are comfortable with E.g. Friends, Family and if you don’t have anyone to share with Consult a Doctor , Counsellor
  2. NO ABUSE : Avoid taking things which can harm you more that is Drugs and Alcohol .
  3. HEALTH FIRST : Take care of yourself – Eat Healthy , Exercise daily , Get yourself a break, Take good amount of Sleep .
  4.  YOGA , MEDITATION is best known for relieving from Stress.


  1. First point is for Parents don’t pressurize your Kids to fulfil your Dreams, Instead encourage them to do what they want to achieve, become.
  2. Share your problems with Parents, They are our one and only best friends, They will support us in difficult situations.
  3. Don’t just sit at home and feel anxious go outside enjoy with friends.
  4. Give yourself a break from Studies/Work, If you are not Feeling Good .

“To be a champion, you have to learn to handle stress and pressure. But if you’re prepared mentally and physically, you don’t have to worry’’. 

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