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Sweet Poison – Why Sugar is ruining Your Health

Whenever we hear  this word ‘SUGAR’ different types of Sweets , Chocolates  comes to our mind , and the phrase from childhood ‘Khane ke baad kuch Meetha ho jaye ‘ !!  especially in family gatherings and on Festivals , it is the perfect time to indulge in a sugar extravaganza – with mouth-watering cakes and deserts and give in to that sugar craving.

Let us see how Sugar is ruining our health .It is a sweet poison which tastes good but result in a Disaster! Diseases which are Diabetes Obviously!! , Obesity, Heart diseases, Tooth Decay etc which harms our Immune System..But if you are thinking of leaving those sugary foods behind and avoid sugar . You are mistaken ! There are a lot of hidden sugar , it is difficult and naturally confusing to keep away from all of them. So, Why not go for  healthier options. Which sugar to avoid and Why ??Sucrose should be avoided by us and the biggest source of sucrose in our diet is table sugar , Sucrose hides in processed and packaged foods, and foods we know as fast foods. Cookies, chocolates, tomato sauce and even the most unlikely salted foods have a high content of sugar in them and here they are extremely potent, triggering addictive behaviours. Interestingly, none of our bodily processes require the bursts of high energy that sucrose provides and all that excess energy simply accumulates as fat in our body .

There are natural sugars found in variety of Fruits and Vegetables , Beetroots, tomatoes, apples, bananas and mangoes are rich in natural sugar , which can supplement our sugar  requirement of the body .

In a number of cases, the whole foods also contain plant enzymes that are beneficial to our digestive process. This way the whole foods are a package deal, delivering energy as well as other essential material to our body.

Naturally, it is hard to avoid sugar altogether. It is far easier to consider healthier alternatives. Whole foods instead of fruit juice and refined sugar, lesser processed more home cooked meals, and regular exercise. These methods are faultless. Further, go through a detox once in six months.

There are a lot of benefits if you eat natural sugars –

  • This is highly recommended to help cleanse your system of all remnant sugar and toxins.
  • They provide essential nutrients that keep the body healthy and help prevent disease.
  • It prevents us from Cancer.
  • If we consume natural sugar in form of a fruit  , We feel full for longer time rather than table sugar which metabolizes very quickly   .

“It will not be easy , But it will be worth it ”




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